About GAPI

Our Mission

  • To promote close relationship and communication among its members and to act as a central forum for the members, whereby information of common interest can be shared.
  • To promote the standard of practice in the arts and science of medicine in the common interest of its members and the public through educational, social and scientific activities.
  • To help its members in establishing their practice in the State of Georgia and to protect the professional interests of its members.
  • To maintain liaison and communication with other Indian Associations, medical societies, and cultural organizations.
  • To assist members in maintaining close liaison with local, national and international medical societies and organizations in North America and abroad including those in India.
  • To promote a respectable image of the organization to the public through its nonprofit activities.

IPPAC (INDIAN PHYSICIAN POLITICAL ACTION COMMITTEE) will organize physicians to gain influence through positions in boards and organizations that pertain to the needs of physicians, for example medical licensing boards. This goal will be partially achieved by fund raising for political figures.

Download Bylaws by clicking here (Updated on April 1, 2016)